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The Clinical Trials Unit respects the privacy of all users who seek information on clinical trials at Johns Hopkins.

General information about our users does help us improve our site to better meet their needs. However, information about your condition and treatment will never be linked to personal information about you (e.g., your name, postal or e-mail addresses, etc.) unless you explicitly agree to let us do so for a specific purpose.

The Clinical Trials Unit will not provide lists of patients with or without their diagnoses and treatments to any pharmaceutical company, insurer or employer, hospital or health system, doctor, or researcher without your explicit permission. If any of these entities have special services that might be of interest to people with certain conditions, we will let you know. Then you can decide if you want to contact them directly.

The Clinical Trials Unit will strive to maintain independence in our editorial commitment to the best interests of patients, physicians and other users. In the event that in future we accept unrestricted educational or research grants from corporate sponsors, they will have no right to dictate the topics that we cover or the views that we present.

While no website can ever promise absolute and perpetual security of your information, The Clinical Trials Unit will make every reasonable effort to maintain a smoothly functioning, safe, long-term service for our users.






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