Professional Education


Clinical Research Symposium

Since 1997, the CTU has hosted an annual two-day CME lecture symposium aimed at improving the process involved in clinical research, including those related to staff organization, regulatory requirements, patient recruitment. The presenters and panel representatives are composed of national renowned experts from our own Hopkins staff, Industry, and Government. This past Fall, at the 3rd annual symposium, there were over 350 attendees.

Read about the Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Conference.

Good Clinical Research Practices

In 1999, the CTU hosted its first annual "Good Clinical Research Practices" symposium dedicated to Hopkins personnel. It is focused on increasing the productivity and understanding industry based clinical research, as well as providing a forum for internal networking between Hopkins staff.

More information about this year's symposium appears on a separate page at this site.

Fellowship Funding

The CTU, through its relationship with SmithKline Beecham and their Partners in Development program, has been awarded three Junior Faculty Awards and recently the first Pharmacy Award. These financially supported awards are aimed at increasing the research knowledge of junior faculty at Johns Hopkins. The awards allow support for independent research aimed at a specific therapeutic area under the direction of Dr. Dobs.

Student Training

Since inception, the CTU has provided students with research employment opportunities. Students are exposed to various levels of participation depending on their level of training. To date, we have students ranging from high school to postgraduate levels. The CTU solely funds these training opportunities. Our students have had the opportunity to present their work at various national medical society meetings. It is our goal to have a dedicated CTU fellow in the near future.

For more information about Fellowship Funding or Student Training, contact us.






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